NorthWest Launches New Website

NorthWest has launched a new website geared toward consumers, electricians, designers, contractors, and architects who are interested in learning about, purchasing, and contracting for electrical supplies, lighting products, and design services. The main site provides access to three individual sites for the divisions of NorthWest Electrical Supply, NorthWest Lighting and Accents, and NorthWest Design and Specification.  Each site provides users access to products, information, and galleries specific to that division.  The sites offer a user-friendly shopping experience, resources and tools useful to specifying products, beautiful image galleries, improved functionality allowing users to download/upload/share content, and helpful links to stay informed with sales, specials, company news, and industry related events.

NorthWest is constantly innovating and changing, and the new website is a reflection of that culture.  The website provides exciting new features that are useful to the variety of clientele NorthWest works with.  For the electrical contractor, the “Shop by Size” tool makes the online shopping experience easier when putting together items for a job.  They can simply put in the size of conduit they are using, and the product offering is instantly filtered to accommodate that specific conduit size.  For the architect and designer, access to detailed specifications on the product pages allows for easy fixture specification.  For the consumer, beautiful images make shopping online easy and a portfolio gallery provides design inspiration. 

Visit today to learn, explore, and shop.

Organization:  Northwest Electrical Supply
Address:  600 E. Rand Rd., Mt Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: 847-255-3700


NorthWest Launches New Website

Commercial Lighting Design

Northwest Design and Specification is and has been involved in various lighting design projects. Over the years, our commercial quotes department has developed and molded into commercial lighting design.

We would like to share a few of our projects with you.

The lobby lighting at 3000K provides a warmer feel to the space.

Sinai Vascular Center is located 1105 S Western Avenue, Chicago, IL.  Studio GC worked on this project modernizing the original space.  The Medical District Vascular Center and Home Dialysis Center was a finalist for the Chicago Building Congress 2015 Merit Award for Owner’s Choice, Rehab Construction. The owner on this project wanted the lighting to feel more residential feel without the sterile undertone of a typical medical facility.

Cree’s LED 2×4 lay-ins are used in this application are high on the color rendering index and give a pop to the red chair.

LED’s often render low in the red levels of the color rendering index.  That is why it is so essential to choose the appropriate fixture in each lighting project.  The owner on this project gave Northwest Design and Specification the reins in specifying these fixtures, and therefore the true colors are rendered quite nicely.


The color temperature in the exam space was kept at the traditional 3500 Kelvin to give appropriate lighting for examining patients.  The entire space uses a Lutron control system to promote energy savings. It also maintains flexibility to each patient by giving them the option to have individual controls.  Creative control concepts were used to save money, time, and energy for Sinai’s employees and patients.

Stay tuned for more of Northwest Design and Specification‘s latest and greatest projects!

~Shauna Schurman, Senior Designer


Commercial Lighting Design

Contemporary Couture

Many of our clientelle live in downtown Chicago and are looking for chic, upscale fixtures to complete their high rise or loft spaces. Enter our Contemporary Couture display inspiration…

Contemporary Couture

This display is inspired by a sleek, colorful, contemporary interior.  It features clean lines, vibrant colors, and elegant high end fixtures. A large Fine Art Lamps foyer sized fixture is centered on the display, surrounded by other Fine Art Lamps and Framburg pieces. NorthWest recommends keeping the decor simple by using orange and turquoise accents to create a striking contrast in the design.

Stop in to Northwest Lighting and Accents  to check out new displays and products. We are constantly updating our vignettes!

Contemporary Couture

Displays at Northwest!

This is the start of our series featuring displays, services and community involvement at Northwest.  The first is of our Chic Boutique display highlighted in our Schonbek crystal gallery.  Stop in to Northwest Lighting in Accents to check out new displays and products.  We are always updating!

Inspired by a chic French boutique bedroom, this display shows a clean, elegant look that features classic cast crystal lighting.
Inspired by a chic French boutique bedroom, this display shows a clean, elegant look that features classic cast crystal lighting.
Displays at Northwest!

Northwest Wins 2015 Art Award for Lighting Showroom!!

We are very excited to share the news that our lighting showroom was selected as the Best Lighting Showroom in the Midwest/Southwest region by ART. This is a VERY prestigious award in the home industry and we are so honored to have been nominated by our industry partners. This was the first time that we were nominated and we WON!!!  It is such an amazing feeling to be recognized.

A view of the stage at Dallas Lighting Market ART award event.
A view of the stage at Dallas Lighting Market ARTS award event.


Thank you to everyone on our team for working hard each day to make our store better. We are so proud and very excited for more great things to come in 2015! A very special thanks to Jennifer Jensen who spent lots of time designing our pages to submit to the judges and continues to elevate our team to excellence!  

Jennifer Jensen (Showroom Manager) and Thomas C. Reindl (Design and Specification Manager) accepting our award on Northwest's behalf.  Photo courtesy of Residential Lighting Magazine.
Jennifer Jensen (Showroom Manager) and Thomas C. Reindl (Design and Specification Manager) accepting our award on Northwest’s behalf.
Photo courtesy of Residential Lighting Magazine.

 The board of judges evaluated our company on 3 major aspects of our business: differentiation, marketing, and merchandising presentation. Check out some of these aspects of NorthWest in upcoming blog posts! Thanks again to ART for this prestigious honor!

~Amanda Wolfe, Marketing Manager


Northwest Wins 2015 Art Award for Lighting Showroom!!